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University taskgroup "first aid and emergency knowledge for medical students" (AG EH-MED)

In 1996 the university task group “first aid and emergency knowledge for medical students” (AG EH-MED) was founded by Peter and Hanns Iblher to accomplish an appropriate education of first-year peers in this field. This concept uses a standardized manual and is accepted by the regulatory examination offices.

Medical students can qualify for participating in emergency medicine education of their peers following a five-step model. Depending on the level of qualification, they will be responsible for appropriate tasks during the training course. Up to 120 attendees are instructed by 30 specially trained medical students. They gain hands-on experience by rotating through modules where they have to solve different lifelike emergency situations under supervision.

Since 2000, all training courses have been evaluated using an established questionnaire. Quality of these courses and especially the commitment of the team are judged above-average compared to other university activities.

“AG EH-MED” is active at 6 German universities with 220 members and collaborates with faculty. The members of the task group are able to gain deep insights into education with the opportunity to understand the teaching situation from the learners’ and teachers’ point of view. The empowerment to teach their peers promotes self-reliance and sense of responsibility.

This concept was awarded with “Thieme Teaching Award 2006” by the German Society for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care medicine (DGAI) and with “Young Teachers Award 2006” by the German Society for Medical Education (GMA)

To get more information, please contact us by e-mail.

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